Bluetooth Pairing: The Best Choice for Smart Camera and Doorbell Setup

With the rapid development of smart cameras and doorbells, the early method of QR code pairing for smart doorbell setup is no longer meeting the demand for convenience. In its place, a more intelligent and convenient solution has emerged: Bluetooth pairing. However, despite its advantages, many mainstream products still rely on QR code pairing due to lower costs.

Consumers who have used or researched smart doorbells may have encountered the following drawbacks of QR code pairing:
  • If the QR code on the device is blurry or unclear when it reaches your hands, it becomes impossible to successfully complete the pairing process.
  • The success rate of scanning the QR code with the camera is often low, requiring multiple attempts before achieving a successful scan.
  • QR code pairing can be time-consuming, often taking up to 30 minutes to complete the device and home network setup.

At Lindo, we have embraced Bluetooth pairing for our entire range of products, including Lindo Intelligent Battery Spotlight Camera and Lindo Pro Dual Camera Video Doorbell. With Lindo app guiding you through the pairing process, you can effortlessly complete the device and network setup in less than 5 minutes. This method is not only swift but also incredibly convenient for users.

By utilizing Bluetooth pairing, Lindo Intelligent Battery Spotlight Camera and Lindo Pro Dual Camera Video Doorbell offer a seamless and user-friendly experience. Say goodbye to the frustrations of blurry QR codes and unreliable scanning. Experience the efficiency and convenience of Bluetooth pairing with Lindo, where setting up your smart camera and doorbell is a breeze.

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