Dual Camera
Video Doorbell

Remove Blind Spots of Doorway
Dual Cameras

Lindo doorbell provides you with a wider field of view. The forward-facing camera focus on humans while the downward one focus on packages. You can get instant notifications when visitors come, press your doorbell or packages arrive.

Dual Sensors

Rader scans for movement and PIR scans for body heat. Combining with human motion detection, we can filter out falling leaves or flying bugs, so that you won’t be disturbed by false alarm.

Clear. Cheer.

2K resolution with HDR create true blacks, bright whites, sharp detail, and crisp text. You can even read the license number of the car passes you doorway.

Night. Delight.

Even in the night, thanks to 6 build-in 850nm and 2 build-in 940nm enhanced infrared lights, you can clearly see your visitor’s face.

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