Enhancing Your Home Security System Experience: Troubleshooting App Notification Delays

As users of Outdoor Wireless Security Cameras and Video Doorbell Cameras, we may face the frustration of sluggish app notifications. In this blog post, we'll delve into the reasons behind this delay and offer practical advice to address the issue from a pragmatic standpoint.

Software Problems

One primary reason for delayed notifications might be related to software glitches following version updates. We recommend promptly reporting the problem to the brand. In most cases, they can release a software update within 3 days to rectify the malfunction.

Network Fluctuations

If the issue occurs sporadically, it's likely due to network fluctuations or poor connectivity at the device's installation location. Consider adjusting the device's placement, repositioning the router, adding a repeater to boost signal strength, or simply restarting the router. This action is similar to rebooting a computer when it experiences lag and can help clear any cached data affecting performance.

Server Blockages from Google and Apple

Surprisingly, slow message reception can be attributed to server blockages from Google and Apple. Following a trigger event, Outdoor Wireless Security Cameras and Video Doorbell Cameras connect to your home router, pushing information to Google and Apple servers (depending on whether your receiving device is Android or iOS). The brands have no control over the time it takes for Google and Apple servers to forward the information to your phone, making them unfairly blamed for delays. Unfortunately, there's little optimization available in such cases; you may have to wait until Google and Apple servers restore smooth operation.

In addition, Android users can visit this page for more tips on optimizing settings to ensure maximum and timely push notification reception. If you encounter any issues, don't hesitate to reach out to the Lindo support for assistance.

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