Choosing Between Floodlight Camera and Spotlight Camera: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to selecting cameras, the decision between a Floodlight Camera and a Spotlight Camera often hinges on the installation location. Factors such as inadequate lighting and the need for brighter illumination influence this choice. For areas like garage entrances requiring intense brightness or backyards lacking ample nighttime lighting, the preference is usually for Floodlight Cameras. Conversely, Spotlight Cameras are favored for locations already equipped with porch lights, such as front entrances. The key distinction lies in the light output, with Floodlight Cameras typically providing around 2000 lumens, while Spotlight Cameras offer approximately 200 lumens.

Ease of Installation:

Spotlight Cameras are significantly more convenient to install compared to Floodlight Cameras. The latter, often wired for enhanced performance, usually necessitate professional installation. They are mounted on the existing porch light base, requiring the removal of the original fixture. On the other hand, Spotlight Cameras, mostly battery-operated, can be independently installed following the instructions provided in the app.

Installation Time:

Spotlight Cameras take approximately 20 minutes to install, while Floodlight Cameras typically require around 60 minutes.

Battery Life:

Comparing commonly used Spotlight Cameras with battery-powered Floodlight Cameras, the battery life of most Spotlights usually falls within three months. The size of the product is a quick indicator, with smaller devices generally having a battery life of less than three months, while larger ones can exceed six months due to their doubled battery capacity. Battery-powered Floodlight Cameras, designed to support 2000 lumens of floodlight, typically maintain a battery life of around one month. This explains why high-performance Floodlight Cameras are often wired, presenting installation challenges.

Product Lifespan:

Spotlight Cameras generally exhibit a longer lifespan than Floodlight Cameras. The latter's need to support intense floodlighting leads to increased heat generation, impacting the device's longevity. Additionally, the larger size of Floodlight Cameras makes it challenging to meet IP67 waterproof standards. As outdoor cameras, they risk water damage even in moderately heavy rain.

Why Choose Lindo Intelligent Battery Spotlight Camera?

Increased Brightness: Lindo Intelligent Battery Spotlight Camera stands out by significantly enhancing spotlight brightness, reaching 600 lumens compared to the traditional 200 lumens. The brightness is adjustable through the app, catering to a variety of installation scenarios, including poorly lit backyards.

Extended Battery Life: With an optimized design, Lindo Intelligent Battery Spotlight Camera doubles its battery capacity while maintaining a lifespan of 6-12 months. In scenarios with fewer than 30 triggered events per day, it can even achieve a year-long battery life. When combined with Lindo Solar Panel in areas with moderate sunlight, permanent battery life is achievable.

Excellent Waterproof Rating: Lindo Intelligent Battery Spotlight Camera meets the IP67 waterproof standard, ensuring worry-free outdoor use even in heavy rain.

Additional Features: The camera supports PD fast charging, saving users charging time. The speaker volume is boosted to 120dB, providing a powerful deterrent when an intruder triggers the alarm button. Believe me, when you discover an intruder and press the alarm button, it will definitely scare the intruder to the point of causing a "pants-wetting" moment.

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